How Humanity Fell in Love with Itself Once Again, By Lyla June Johnston


Here is an article by Lyla June that speaks to the grief and loss of indigenous European culture, tribes, ways- and the prayer to remember who we are, so we may connect with the beauty of belonging and reconnection to our ancient ancestors.

“I cannot help but ask myself, when and how did this egalitarian, earth-loving, woman-honoring culture, become the colonial, genocidal conquerors that washed upon American shores? Could it be that our beloved Indigenous European ancestors were raped and tortured for so many thousands of years that they forgot who they were? Could it be they lived in a pressure cooker of oppression for so long that conquer-or-be-conquered is all they knew? Yes, I believe so.

Our task is to shake the amnesia. To not be ashamed of our European-ness, but to reclaim our beautiful grandmothers, to reclaim our venerable grandfathers, to reclaim our lost languages, our lost ceremonies, our lost homelands and become one with the Great Sacred Motherland of Europe once again.” – Lyla June

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