Hello all!

Here is a snip from my recent newsletter that went out, where I talk about what is present in my life through psychological & therapeutic frameworks, ancestral lineage healing and my process of craft/creativity. I also include what I am up to with my work and offerings. To join the mailing list, there is a link at the bottom of each page on my website. Thanks for your time and presence, comments very welcome!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how to lead with more vulnerability in life. The stories and narratives around vulnerability are so interesting to explore. Ones that I’ve found or heard from others sound something like this: the environment needs to be perfectly trustworthy to show up, I am stronger without vulnerability, vulnerability makes me touch my shame or be in relationship with less desirable emotions, I can’t feel in control of how others will perceive me, and so forth and so on. Do any of these sound familiar to you? What is the narrative that is present for you when the doorway to vulnerability is opening? I think it’s safe to generalize that most of us have one or more stories relating to vulnerability that we’ve inherited from an early age from our families or environments, or both.

                 The irony in it all for me, is that when we do show up in a heart centered vulnerable way, it creates an opportunity to be really seen and held in all that we are. When we’re able to be in relationship with our difficulties, our shadows, and have that witnessed or reflected back by others, it really also normalizes the humanity and health of our fuller human experience, instead of this unrealistic goal to stay at a baseline of happy (cue social media). My most vulnerable moments have been some of my most healing moments, where these narratives can shift, be challenged, and ultimately die in one way or another to make space for a new story. How do we collaboratively create a culture where vulnerability is the norm?