October Ancestral Healing Circle

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Hello all! October is such a potent time to connect with our ancestors, as the veil between the living and the dead becomes the thinnest. As the seasons change and we move into this beautiful time of year, we will be gathering in community for ritual reverence, bringing our hearts and prayers for healing in our lineages. I hope you are able to join, all are welcome.

We will be gathering Sunday, October 14th from 11am-1pm 

These monthly group rituals are a place to come together and work directly on our practice of ancestral lineage healing, held in the framework of Dr. Daniel Foor’s ancestral lineage repair method. Each ritual meeting is established in culturally neutral prayer and focused on providing ritual community space for your direct visioning with your ancestral guides. Opportunities for supportive sharing and conversation are included in each ritual.
Participants need to be familiar with Dr. Foor’s method and have established their practice by getting through at least the assessment stage. If you haven’t been introduced to this modality, you can schedule a session with a practitioner before this event to go through the assessment, if you’d like to join us. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
What to Bring
Any small natural offerings like flowers, foods, etc. to carry your prayer to your ancestors (will most likely be offered to a fire)
A journal and writing utensil
Anything you need to be comfy — there are padded chairs and floor cushions
Payment if paying at the event (exact change is best)
Cost & Registration
Cost for this event is $40-$20 sliding scale. Pre-registration via email to Saskia at Saskia@honeyintheheart.org, and/or payment via paypal to the same email address Secures your spot. Space is limited to 12 participants.
please contact Saskia at Saskia@honeyintheheart.org or 541-782-8209 for location, as it will be in a private residence in NE Portland, close to Broadway & 38th Ave. Please note there are several stairs, feel free to email me with any accessibility questions.
Saskia Ison will be leading this circle. She is an ancestral lineage healing practitioner in training for certification by Dr. Daniel Foor. She resides in Portland Oregon, dividing her time between motherhood, ancestral reverence and ritual, stained glass, and psychotherapy. She believes in the power and beauty of community and is honored to join you in this work.
Hope you can join!