About Saskia


I am an earth honoring animist who strives to bring equity, beauty and healing into this world through stained glass, ancestral healing and reverence, community rituals and depth psychotherapy.

I walk in this work with a foundation and value of ethics, honoring sacred relationship and prioritizing cultural healing and accessibility. I have spent a lot of time undoing the notion that I have to manage everything on my own. I see this as a reflection of the individualistic culture we live in, which perpetually reinforces an isolating and insurmountable burden. Relationships and community have been an essential part of my healing process. I truly value co-creating and offering that space for others to expand their supports into larger networks of care.

My journey in this work began with a spark of interest around intergenerational trauma, how intricate and specific patterns can be passed from generation to generation down through time. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I began to recognize these patterns and the deep effects that they can have in the lives of not only my clients but many people around me, including myself. It is also during this current climate of cultural trauma that the call and need for larger roles in advocacy, greater community ties, stewardship for our non-human kin, and collective healing are of utmost importance and necessity. Stepping into ancestral healing has been a journey that has shifted my life in profound ways, and I am honored to bring this work forward.

My people are from Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, England, the British Isles and the Netherlands. I currently reside on the unceded lands of the Chinook, Tualatin, Multnomah, and other indigenous peoples in Portland, Oregon with my American Filipino husband and our sweet son.

I have been greatly inspired and give many thanks to these teachers who have illuminated and influenced my path: Patty Cowick, Malidoma SoméMartin PrechtelDr. Daniel Foor, Donna Zoll, Lisa FrankfortGraham HarveyCarl JungEduardo DuranDr. Michael Aanavi, and Pema Chödrön.

Thanks for your interest in this work, I’m happy to be in touch.