Ancestral Healing


she will find what is lost

Painting by Brian Kershisnik

We have all inherited both blessings and burdens from our ancestors. Sometimes this looks like the transmission of intergenerational trauma, or it can also look like embodying a distinct gift or blessing passed down from all of your grandmothers or grandfathers.  Through a safe, conscious connection with our wise and loving ancestors, healing and transformation can happen both individually and collectively in our family lineages. Stepping into this work also helps protect the future generation of children to not be burdened by the continual cycle of these familial traumas and energies. Our ancestors can also clarify our gifts and purpose in this life, so we may embody our deepest blessings and walk our best path forward in the time that we have here. It is your birthright and inheritance to be in loving conscious relationship with your ancestors.

I am a certified practitioner in ancestral lineage healing created by Dr. Daniel Foor. Using a non-dogmatic approach and heart-centered ritual of connection with spirit, I facilitate and orient clients in a grounded and safely embodied visioning state to connect with well and bright ancestors in their lineages. For more on this approach, please visit Ancestral Medicine.

Ancestral healing sessions should be taken at their own pace and although I encourage weekly sessions, I also want to make sure that the process is taking all the time that it needs for integration. This is a different body and modality of work that is not psychotherapy or a replacement thereof, but instead may be found as a deeply supportive and healing practice. Please contact me with any questions or inquiries. Sessions take place in person, over Zoom (video platform) or by phone, depending on your location and preference. Any way works really well, and there are no limitations on distance for engaging with this work.

  • A free 20 minute consultation is available before scheduling a session
  • Initial sessions are $120 for 90 minutes
  • Regular sessions are $90 for 60 minutes
  • Session Package: Initial 90 minute session + two 60 minute sessions for $275


I am committed to keeping this work accessible with particular emphasis on serving marginalized communities, and keep a certain amount of spots open for sliding scale clients. Please contact me with any inquiries. *All sliding scale spaces are full at this moment, I will update as spaces open up.*

*Update on scheduling*

I am currently away on maternity leave, and will be returning in the Fall/Winter of this year. Stay tuned! For any new clients, please see a list of wonderful practitioners here

Payment is due on date of session unless other arrangements have been made.

After you’ve scheduled your appointment, please fill out the following document:

Ancestral Healing Intake Forms

Here is an interview that I did with Dr. Daniel Foor on healing attachment wounds with ancestral reconnection:


I contribute 5% of each session on a quarterly rotation to the following groups: NAYA- The Native American Youth and Family Center, the Chinook Indian Nation, Oregon Wild for wolf conservation and water & land protection, and the Wild Salmon Center.